reading before bedDealing with knee pain at night can be avoided if one takes the time to prepare for night pain. Before going to sleep, one may relax the knee joint by applying a hot compress using a heating pad for a few minutes directly on the joint area. That is a very calming solution to soothe muscles used by many people who have developed torn cartilage, stretched out muscles, or osteoarthritis. The heat can be followed by application of a lubricant designed especially to ease the aches and pains associated with this problem. Although taking an over-the-counter drug that is made to relieve muscle aches might be able to help, dealing directly with the affected area is also beneficial to prevent a sleepless evening.

Taking the time during the day to exercise the legs may be very successful in building them up and in soothing the tendons and sensitive areas that might have serious tension if not handled properly. Getting the lower extremities off the ground while laying flat on one’s back often brings comfort. They will be supported by leaning them on the wall or on the cushion of a couch if desired. Sufficient time should be given to this simple exercise to allow the fluids in the legs to circulate out of and into the rest of the bodily system. Following this exercise, drinking cold water and being sure to flush your system out is highly recommended. Osteo Relief Institute center will review this along with many other activities of daily living during the treatment plan. Doing the things listed above can assist with a pleasant feeling of well being that will promote a restful evening period.

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